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LEJANDAMI (Legal Title) BMI Work #847998

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Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 22:40:11 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: lejandami from the soundtrack to THE SALT WATER SUMMERS

Lejandami(My Legendary Love)

a fortune in comfortswhen i feel your touch upon my armyour eyes are like the oceanwhen you choose they bring in the peacethey bring in the calm

it could have been the summerthe tone of your voice, although i am not surewhen the time came to leavei had one wishto love you forevermore
Oh, LejandamiI want to love youyou make me cryOh, LejandamiI want to love youyou make me
If I held the star while fallingtell me lover would it burn right throughyour handfor all the love i've given youone thing is truei still don't understand
the past just like a mirrorin smokey hazethings as they were beforeCount-less lovers and the tears i've criedi tell you nowthere shall be no more
oh lejandamii love you i love you you make me cryoh lejandamii want to love youyou make me cry
in this eternal circleif memories return will it bring you back to methe wheel spins quicklynever fast enough to set the soul and spirit free
oh Lejandami
this song was written on piano back in the 1970's, recorded at ThistleStudios - at U.Mass.Harbor Campus by Zed McLarnon who engineered Paul Winter Consort.
The original version was released on BOSTON BOOTLEG 2 in 1979
I took the 24 track master to Sound DesignStudio in Burlington with Brad Szostek asengineer (notice the Z's in the engineers'names! George Zeolla is on the guitar solo!!)
Zed, Szostek, Zeolla - what's with the Z!!!
Not a love song to George Lazenby, 007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service!!!!
anyway, the second version was released onmy LOVE & FLAME album in Europe in 1980,courtesy of New Rose Records.
On 9/23/03 with engineer Scott Couper (whohas played guitar in my band as well asbands for Jo Jo Laine and Wings' Denny Laine)we took the first two verses before the chorus from Lejandami II andinserted them intoLejandami 1 - which the world has nevertruly heard properly as the mastering job onBoston Bootleg II wasn't as good as that onthe Love & Flame Album, and our mix onLejandami II is intentionally colder in starkcontrast to the intense and deep colours ofLejandami I
So now we have Lejandami III - and this ismy favorite yet! 24 years after initially put to tape the song has whatI want for it.
This is for the upcoming filmTHE SALT WATER SUMMERS - thesoundtrack being compiled this weekby engineer Scott Couper and producerJoe Viglione
Lejandami copyright 1979 Joe ViglioneVar Music Publishing, BMI
1. Transporter (opening instrumental)
2. Take Me For A Little While - Genya Ravan
3. It Hurts So Bad It Must Be Love - Buzzy Linhart
4. Can't Wait To See You - Barbara Harris
5. City Girl - Diane Renay
6. Bordeaux Rose' (New) - Kaleidoscope
7. Coney Island - Moogy Klingman's Freak Parade
8. Love Me - Bobby Hebb
9. Lejandami - Joe Viglione
10. Celebrate The Night - Buzzy Linhart
11. It's What You Do - Barbara Harris
12. It Starts Again - Joe Viglione
13. Jeffland - Jeff
14. Together Again - Diane Renay
15. The Salt Water Summers
this is the proposed tracking, subject tochange
for more info